Wallart photography


For me the glass is always half full. When I look at the ruby color of the wine in a glass, I can see sun glare in it, a gust of wind, raindrops, the work of human hands, crying, smile and pride with success. After all, it is the full aroma of a taste that I can enjoy on the terrace in the evening.

My works aren’t just photos. These are the stories of people and the world that surrounds me. These are the stories of the terrestrial inhabitants of the earth, from the ant that inhabits this earth, working for it, to the man who lives, loves and dies. From the smallest blade of grass to the greatest creatures that this earth has born, elephants, giraffes, hippos and whales, we are all inhabitants of this land and we all tell a story that I try to immortalize in my work.

About ME

I am who I am. Sun and storm. A woman, activist, investor and director.

I arrange my life my way. I am too fascinated by the world, to close myself in one circle of friends, tasks to be performed, professions and passions.

I am inspired by brave people who overcome their own fears and weaknesses. I watch their works and achievements with great pleasure.

Privately, I am a mother. This is for me the most important task for which I was assigned on earth.



I am a graduate of the Gdańsk School of Humanities at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Spacialization, Journalism and PR.
I completed postgraduate studies in reportage, travel and documentary photography at the University of Vocational Education.