Orders and shipping

We will process the order up to 7 days after the payment is credited to the account.
Depending on the destination, the shipment may take up to 30 days.

We send the parcel by courier with confirmation of receipt.

Yes. This information must be entered in the “Additional Information” field. The address must be specified accurately so that the shipment can reach the recipient.

We are not responsible for incorrectly provided data and address.


Yes. Customers are due a cash refund when the ordered goods are not in accordance with the order.

Such fact should be reported on our website in the contact tab or by e-mail

Then please, send it to us the goods intact.

After receiving the goods, we will refund the cash to the account within 3 days.

Individual offer

Yes it is possible. Just write to us what you need. We will send you an offer with a payment button. After payment, we will send you the invoice and the goods to the address provided..